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The hardware


  • OD46:

    • TFT display 46 inch (117 cm) Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 px)

    • Display area 102 x 57 cm

  • OD55:

    • TFT display 55 inch (140 cm) Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 px)

    • Display area 121 x 68 cm

  • OD75:

    • TFT display 75 inch (190 cm) Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 px)

    • Display area 165 x 93 cm


Outside dimension:

  • OD46:

    • Housing 68cm x 110cm x 21cm (W x H x D)

  • OD55:

    • Housing 80cm x 210cm x 30cm (W x H x D)

  • OD75:

    • Housing 105cm x 215cm x 30cm (W x H x D)

  • Basic housing made of solid stainless steel with powder coating in the color of your choice

  • Very small housing, minimal bars to bring only the display to the fore

  • Attractive design (your own CI possible, the laminated safety glass can be labeled on the inside according to the customer's wishes, painting!)

  • No ventilation canopy

  • Air inlet/outlet on the side, not at the bottom and top as usual, which often leads to problems (moisture ingress, insects and much more...)

  • Mounting base (stainless steel, powder-coated) or concrete base

  • Adapter plate for a very easy installation of the OD46, ideal for wall insulation, uneven walls etc...


Brightness (LED backlight):

  • calibrated maximum brightness: 2,500 cd

  • automatically controlled by light sensor, PLC controller, backlight controller software controlled!

  • RVS certification! Approval for road traffic

  • Remotely controllable and remotely monitored


front glass:

  • Full-surface, vandalism-proof laminated safety glass (VSG)

  • Unique chemically matted anti-reflective surface for minimal loss of brightness, minimal reflections, additional UV and infrared protection are carried out on the inside to prevent reflections or damage to the protective film.

  • Full glass doors with minimal visible webs, these can be customized to customer requirements

  • Freely selectable CI, colors, frame, logo are printed on the protected inside of the glass

  • Selfie Cam can be integrated invisibly, other applications of the camera are possible!


  • Internet: industrial router, for LAN or on-air network (LTE router with SMA SIM card)

  • Power connection: 230V 16A min. 12A

  • Contactless payment options (optional)

  • Car or bike e-charging station (optional)

  • WLAN hotspots possible for users (optional)

  • Digital electricity meter with network access (optional)

  • Additional extensions on request...



  • Development, production and assembly only by Austrian specialist companies

  • No additional purchase of complete assemblies, this ensures simple and inexpensive maintenance and low costs in the event of repairs

  • Individual components can be exchanged or upgraded again years later with contemporary products

  • No off-the-shelf products, this allows the products to be adapted to the existing housing

  • All components are individually interchangeable

Computer and operating system:

  • Industrial computer for outdoor applications

  • Powerful graphics card for smooth animations

  • Content is processed locally on the hard disk to enable real-time operation without delay

  • All content is OFFLINE on the computer

  • No permanent internet connection is required (only for updates)

  • Custom programmed remote monitoring software

  • PC and all other components are remotely controlled and monitored by a PLC controller

Outdoor suitability / ventilation and heating:

  • Active SPS controlled heating and ventilation system

  • Fans are controlled by PWM, so continuously variable from 0-100%

  • Non-abrasive fan bearings

  • Very quiet ventilation thanks to optimized fans and air shafts

  • Easily replaceable or reusable air filters

  • Unique ventilation channel system ensures a very slim, elegant design

  • Outside temperature: + 40 to - 25°

  • Dew point and temperature monitoring


Assembly variants OD55 and OD75:

  • OD55:

    • One-sided assembly 55 inches (passive or interactive display) rear metal door

    • Two-sided assembly 55 inches (both sides can be implemented interactively or passively)

    • Two-sided assembly 55 inches and illuminated display case on the back

  • OD75

    • One-sided assembly 75 inches (passive or interactive display) rear metal door

    • Double-sided assembly 75 inches (both sides can be implemented interactively or passively)

    • Two-sided assembly 75 inches and illuminated display case on the back


option touch:

  • Capacitive technology: dual-touch, upgradeable to multi-touch

Optional branding:

  • Customized RAL printing (powder coating)

  • Inside print for incorporating logos or slogans, graphics etc...

  • Lighting above the display (logo area)

"SOS emergency call" option or video, telephony, intercom:

  • Built-in unit with camera, loudspeaker and microphone (Cooperation Commend International )

  • Installation of an intercom station to the control station, e.g. B. for blue light organizations such as rescue, fire brigade, police, tourist office or hotels

  • System used successfully worldwide, airports, subway, train, parking garages, oil drilling platforms and much more...  

Photo Booth Option

  • Setting up a large-scale selfie function with email dispatch

  • photo contests

  • Own backgrounds or slogans

  • This extension can also be used for external video data processing, face tracking, counting, etc...

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