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The software


The Smart Alliance GmbH offers several possibilities to supply your system with data.

System variants in operation:

  1. Smart Alliance System with Chief and Chief Player (entry of all data via CHIEF)

  2. Smart Alliance System with Chief and Chief Player including interface to Gem2Go / GemeindeAPP (Hyprid, input of data via CHIEF and APP provider BackEnd possible)

  3. Gem2Go Kiosk Player ( Details ) - All data and graphics are supplied by the Gem2Go.  


The chief is our in-house programmed content system, which has grown over 12 years with the requirements of our customers.

It is a highly comprehensive system that does not exist on the market. 

The advantage lies in the box overview, which enables us to optimally adapt the view for each customer and only show the menu items that are really required.

The Chief can manage very large and extensive projects, but can also be minimized for a small single display.

The bottom line is that everything that is important to the customer is possible...

Another huge advantage is that we can integrate any existing third-party interface and display it graphically according to customer requirements.

Some examples

  • Train/bus or public transport in real time connection

  • Tourism: Kärnten Card, available for all provinces

  • Status display PV systems, hydroelectric power plants or similar

  • Weather services, forecast, trend etc…

  • Apps like: MunicipalityAPP, Gem2Go

  • Tourism databases, such as Feratel, tourist boards, etc...

  • Payment systems by mobile phone, SmartWatch, card...

The CHIEF player:

Our hardware player, an industrial PC based on Windows, stores all the contents of the displays in a special data format on the built-in hard drive.

This enables trouble-free and fail-safe operation. If the Internet fails or only allows very low speeds, this is irrelevant for our player.

Even without a network or Internet, all data on the display is still available in the usual real time.

Another major advantage is the speed of operation, since data does not have to be constantly loaded via the network, these are immediately reproduced in real time, even large data such as very large PDF files are opened immediately.

All data about the content, touch screen and some more are checked, managed and optimized via our player.

If the touch screen needs to be recalibrated, we can also do this remotely, other systems require a technician on site! Defective touch foil rows can be fine-tuned, switched off or at least tested remotely.

Important internal measurement data is processed and sent to our server, which checks whether all data is in sync or measurement data is out of tolerance.

The programmable logic controller (PLC)

An important building block in the digital official board, and the game changer to our competitors. 

This PLC can automatically monitor and control very important settings and parameters that are important for the service life of the components. Heating, ventilation, restart and much more. can be automatically controlled and regulated independently of a PC or data connection to the server.  


All data stored in the system can also be forwarded on request to:

  • app

  • Web pages

  • other services

  • databases


  • Our offline content system offers 100% reliability in the event of a network loss

  • Access security, server, cloud, player are directly linked via a unique ID

  • The CHIEF cannot be installed on non-system PCs and started with the access data

  • Active monitoring of the displays, screen shots with ACTUAL / TARGET monitoring

  • All data is stored on German-speaking server farms

  • Constant further development and optimization of our software​

Chief Hybrid
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