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Unser Pluskann mehr

Our PLUS can do more...

  • precise logging , digital stamp

  • an open touch screen and display system with over 200 running screens in Austria

  • Compatible with the most common management systems, e.g. Gem2Go ,  community app and much more

  • one click and your information will be sent to all channels: website, app, touch screen, social media...

  • 14 years of experience and flexibility in the production of touch screens and displays of all kinds, LCD, LED, etc...

  • large digital poster as advertising for regional companies or for events

  • Large-scale security and emergency information on current events (e.g. corona measures, storms)

  • Information that can be called up interactively (by touch) on club or community events

  • Tourism information from the municipality / region (interfaces to Feratel, TourData, Bergfex and many more...)

  • Orientation - Interactive maps with search functions for POIs (cafe, hotel, ATM, etc.)

  • Display of public transport timetable data with real-time information (interfaces)

  • Integration of an e-charging station in our steles for bicycles and/or cars

  • Presentation of your social media communication (e.g. Timeline Facebook)

  • SELFIE poster , give guests an unforgettable moment with an exclusive background

  • Layout adjustment to the CI line

  • Individual app programming for special solutions possible

  • Voice control and blind-friendly buttons, interaction via voice (from the end of 2022)


When developing and producing the various display units, we draw on many years of industry experience and the use of high-quality components.

We advise and discuss possible solutions and implement customer-specific requests.

From the first day of the idea, through the development and design, production and assembly to the implementation of the content in the software and finally to the application at the area of application/end customer  we accompany you and work out the ideal solution.

We also attach particular importance to a good and practical design.

2 Bildschirme Chief und DA.png

The CHIEF is  our complete solution for the operation of your multimedia center.

Whether one  Digital official board, a small local advertising system, a multi-screen system for a shopping center  or an Austria-wide advertising network:  With our  CHIEF you can easily manage the schedule of the content to be displayed, such as official notices,  Event posters, club information or entire advertising campaigns.  

are important to us  Ease of use, flexibility, control (statistical evaluations or  time stamp for official notices) and reliability.

Workshop in Arbeit

From many discussions with our customers, one essential point emerged:

The reliability of the service provider.

Another service besides the regular maintenance of the units is  the  ongoing technical  Monitoring (status report from the electronics such as temperature, brightness and much more).

Our customers count on a quick response time and proposed solutions offered by our team.


A lot of things happen in the background.

The Smart Alliance GmbH team  works hand in hand, starting with the development, the production of test series  through to final assembly and installation and software training, our team is at your service.

We attach great importance to "MADE IN AUSTRIA"! many  comes from our own hands.

Our team is ready for you, we are there for YOU! Contact us.

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